CHONGIE FINANCIAL SERVICE-Set to enrich the needy

CHONGIE FINANCIAL SERVICE-Set to enrich the needy

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A. Repayment Plan

Repayment of the loan will starts 6 months after the loan requested by applicant had been successfully approved and transfer.  Applicant must follow and meet up the monthly installation as stated.

Repayment will be process to the account number and other information given by our  C hongie  Loan Service.

B. Identification


Any form of identification is not requirements for the applicant requesting for a loan. 
C hongie
 Finance will require any applicant to submit identification such as Driver's License or Company ID card which will be submitted to upon request together with other requirements for company background check.  

C. Loan Agreement Document



ere will be a loan agreement which will be signed by the Applicant and as well as our 

C hongie
 Loan Firm. The agreement will be approved by our lawyer for the security of both party.

Once all condition are clear and approved to the applicant, he/she must give us a response as soon as possible for the sending of the Loan Agreement Documents and start processing the loan requested.

Once the agreement has been signed, the loan will be transfer as soon as possible depending on the applicants transfer option.